Children's Japanese Drumming Group

About Dagaku

The main purpose of Dagaku is to foster taiko (Japanese drumming) activities in children and young people in the National Capital Region. For this purpose, Dagaku’s activities include educating children and young people in the art of taiko through classes, workshops and performances, forming a children and youth taiko group, researching and improving training skills of taiko and related arts, and fund raising to support this purpose.

Since it's creation, Dagaku has had the great honour of performing in the Children's Museum at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC), performing in the Grand Hall of the CMC for the Japan Day celebrations, and also performing before the Japanese community at their annual family picnic and the annual Motchitsuki festival. Dagaku also performed before a sellout crowd at the Oto-Wa Taiko Joint Concert in May 2008.

While performing for an audience is both exciting and confidence booting, the prime objective of the group remains to maximize the enjoyment of all its members as well as promoting and introducing an element of Japanese Culture.

We believe that when we enjoy playing, the joy is conveyed to the audience to create a truly moving experience.

Dagaku was founded in March 2006 by Yuki Okada and Raj Verman. They wanted to share their love for the art of Japanese drumming not only with their own children, but also with other children from the National Capital Region. They were joined soon after by Yurika Murikami and Tomomi Sakajiri. All are accomplished taiko performers and members of Oto-Wa Taiko.

Since 2015, Dagaku has been holding its practice in partnership with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s Japanese Language Program and has welcomed a new instructor, Ryoko Itabashi, a talented taiko, shamisen and hue player.